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Phyllis Widman, Esq. is admitted to file claims for vaccine injuries taking place in the State of Georgia. The admission to practice in the Court of Federal Claims, the Court in which vaccine injury claims are heard, is a federal admission. Phyllis Widman, Esq. is thereby admitted and prepared to bring vaccine injury claims in all 50 states and D.C., including Georgia. Whether you are in Savannah, Atlanta, Athens, Valdosta, Augusta, Columbus, Sandy Springs, or anywhere in between, Widman Law Firm is ready to provide you with high quality representation for your vaccine injury claim.

Ms. Widman has seven (7) years of experience working in the Court of Federal Claims, also known as the “Vaccine Court,” and continues to focus her practice in this highly specialized area. Ms. Widman’s experience in vaccine injury law and the Court of Federal claims has been exclusively on the side of the victims of vaccine injuries and their families. She and her team work hard to win compensation for the victims’ pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and more.

The Court of Federal Claims began as part of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986. This special court hears exclusively vaccine related injury claims. The adversary in the Court of Federal Claims is always the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), a government entity, rather than the manufacturers or administrators of the vaccine. While the Vaccine court was initially created in response to lawsuits stemming from injuries to children, there are now at least equal to, if not more, adult injury claims filed each month as compared to minors.

The Court of Federal Claims is physically located in Washington, DC, but the majority of vaccine injury matters are taken care of remotely from start to finish. This provides victims of vaccine injuries with great flexibility and access to pursuing their claims. Injured persons can often bring their claims in this Court with the representation of an admitted attorney such as Phyllis Widman, Esq. without having to ever physically appear in court. The accessibility of this Court allows victims from all over Georgia, and the rest of the country, to fight for compensation for their injuries from wherever they may be.

If you or a family member have been diagnosed with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), or any of the other injuries discussed on our Specific Injuries page as a result of a vaccination administered in the State of Georgia, call Phyllis Widman, Esq. as soon as possible for a free consultation. She and her team are ready and waiting to help you navigate the often confusing and emotionally tolling time after suffering a vaccine injury.

  • Vaccine Injury Recoveries in GA

    $100,000 award obtained for a Georgia man who was diagnosed with Serum Sickness, Inflammatory Polyarthritis, Chronic Kidney Disease and Liver complications, amongst other complications, after receiving the Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccination.

Client Reviews
"Phyllis Widman and her staff are the type of people you want fighting for you. They are organized, tenacious, thorough and compassionate. They understand how to work with the government and medical communities. If you are lucky to have Phyllis and her team work for you, you will be successful with your case." Bob and Ann, Waretown, NJ
"I can sit here and write you a book about how hard she works for her clients. Long story short All around great lawyer highly recommended" Anonymous
"Phyllis Widman, and staff, after years of continuous working on my behalf, keeping in touch with me every step of the way, for years, was happy to inform me that we had won the case. It wasn't easy, but she never gave up. Always answering my emails, and on top of my case. If you are looking for someone you can trust, and have faith in her and her team, will try very hard to get the right and fair results for you." Jim S.
"I hired Phyllis Widman to assist me with the denial of my religious exemption for the COVID vaccine and employment termination by my employer. Phyllis was extremely knowledgeable and clearly explained to me about my legal rights and the legal process. I found her to be very efficient, organized, and passionate about her work and I especially liked that she really cared about me as a person and truly wanted what was best for me. I am very grateful to say, I did have a successful outcome. The religious exemption denial was overturned and I am back to work. I highly recommend Phyllis Widman." Kimberly R.
"Phyllis and her team took care of everything after my injury. When I was hurt, I was unsure who to speak to, as I'm quite young and typically "let things go." After a few recommendations and the first phone call I knew I was in good hands. I don't know where I'd be right now if I didn't make that simple first phone call. A thank you just isn't enough, but thank you so so much for what your firm does." Anonymous
"My experience with Phyllis Widman was excellent. I know that I would not have had the successful outcome that I did without the expertise and specialty training of Phyllis Widman. Phyllis worked tirelessly to make sure that my concerns were addressed, and my needs were met. Phyllis is extremely personable, friendly, comforting and very relatable. She is so well versed in the field of vaccine injury law. I am extremely fortunate to have found Phyllis for my case and would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a truly compassionate professional." Kristen M.