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Proposed Bill In New Jersey To Tighten Regligious Exemption Requirements For Unvaccinated Kids

A proposed bill in New Jersey will force parents of unvaccinated children to provide more information pertaining to their religious beliefs, in support of their refusal to vaccinate.

Those in opposition to a stricter standard of proof of their religion, have threatened to sue the government.

Currently, if parents’ religious views conflict with vaccinating, the law only requires a letter to the school setting forth that the administration of vaccines conflicts with their religious views.

The new legislation, if passed, would require parents to explain in much more detail why and how their religious beliefs are contrary to vaccinating.  Further, it would require parents to obtain a signed letter from a physician stating that the risks and benefits of vaccines were discussed with the parents.

It is not known whether the bills will be voted on in the State House, nor is it known whether or not Governor Christie would agree with the legislation.  Governor Christie stated recently that he believes in the importance of vaccines, but he also agrees that parents should have a choice.

The percentage of unvaccinated children in New Jersey is fairly low, at 1.7 percent.

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