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Proposed Bill in Maine Would Impose Penalties Against Doctors Who Use “Coercive” Tactics to Convince Patients to Vaccinate

A Maine Bill submitted last week seeks to require doctors to refrain from scaring their patients into vaccinating and requests penalties to be imposed on those doctors who pressure or coerce their patients.  The Bill suggests that Maine implement a a program that would be used to investigate vaccine injury claims and refer valid claims to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

The Bills are scheduled for a public hearing to take place on May 11, 2015.

Adverse reactions do occur and are very real.  This is not a smoke and mirrors type of claim.  As a matter of fact, because the government is fully aware of these adverse reactions to vaccines, it developed the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program as a no-fault system with the intention of making it easier and faster for those who are injured to get compensation.  However, not all claims are straightforward and may require substantial evidence to prove causation.

It appears that this Bill would require doctors to take the small amount of time it takes to explain the risks and benefits of both vaccinating and not vaccinating, as well inform patients that in the event of an adverse reaction, they can seek compensation in the multi-billion dollar fund that exists solely for these adverse occurrences.

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