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Can You Mediate a Contract Dispute?

Contract disputes arise under various conditions.  For example, there could be a dispute between people who have agreed for one party to perform maintenance or refurbishment on a property, employment agreements, contracts for a service performed such as team/lessons and other sports-related endeavors, partnerships, consumer fraud allegations, and many more factual scenarios.

Often times, these types of disputes create a lot of animosity and hostility between the parties who, most likely at one time, had high expectations of a positive and productive relationship.

These emotions can fuel unnecessary and lengthy litigation that may destroy any potential for reparation of the relationship in the future. In these instances, mediation can accomplish many things.  First, it can resolve the dispute without long and expensive litigation.  Second, it can stave off what could be a “war” between the parties in court that ensures that they will never be able to repair the damage.  Third, relationships that were once good, and then went south, can be brought back around to one that is positive, as a result of hashing out differences and coming to a mutual solution together.

This all happens through mediation.  Frankly, it is most likely the only time it can happen, at least in this way.  Mediation is the alternative to what is at times the vindictive and aggressive approach to resolving matters in court.  Mediation gives back to the parties the control that they may feel they have lost during the litigation process. Mediation is far less expensive than litigation, as well, and cases can resolve in the matter of hours or days, rather than years.

Almost every type of dispute can be handled through mediation.  If you have a contract dispute and you would like to streamline the process and come to a resolution on your own terms, call Widman Law Firm  for a free one hour consultation.

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